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Share your story! Please share the impact that Beacon Infusion has had on your life, care and/or recovery.

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    • Cora was extremely professional and wonderful to have as my nurse.
    • Always very comfortable and caring❤️
    • Always very comfortable and caring❤️
    • The nurse is so nice and professional. The atmosphere is cheerful and clean.
    • Last time I was assured for notes that I get infusion in your canter, they didn’t give it to me without explanation. I have sigh of this notes!!!!!
    • As always, so comfortable and staff is so caring. It’s a pleasure coming here xo

    Share your story! Please share the impact that Beacon Infusion has had on your life, care and/or recovery.

    • Staff very professional, sweet, and caring!
    • It was a friendly, pleasant experience. Everyone was so nice and helpful.
    • Great help
    • Staff very professional. Sweet and caring!
    • It was a friendly, pleasant experience. everyone was so nice and helpful!
    • This is the only facility that can provide my medication to me at the moment. If it were not for them, I would be in serious trouble with my health.
    • Danielle & Stephanie have been wonderful. Very accommodating to my schedule
    • After 2 treatments I had great results with the bulging in my eyes.
    • Well done service- Easy & comfortable
    • Always a comfortable & caring experience. Thank you!
    • The infusion center is cheerful and clean. The nurse, Stephanie, was very professional and cheerful. The overall experience was excellent. I have had infusions in the past for chemotherapy (at other locations) and this experience was 1000 times better!
    • My eye used to water so much from my thyroid disease. I started to get infusions for Tepezza and now my eyes do not tear up like it used to.
    • Stephanie has been amazing. She accommodates my busy schedule & arranged to see me first thing in the morning. She is an asset to your team.
    • Great experience! 🙂
    • Great process & therapy, for restoring my normal vision! Very pleased with the personnel and experience every step of the way! Danelle is the best!
    • I was nervous about the infusion, but the nurses have been excellent & quite understanding.
    • Infusions are stress-free here 🙂
    • Staff is great! Professional and caring! Manny nurse very professional, skilled & kind. Appreciate Diana- wonderfully skilled great communication.
    • First visit, too soon for opinion
    • My stressful situation was handled skillfully with compassion and kindness
    • Nurses are great. Gloria is great!
    • The recovery its been great
    • My stay here at the Hackensack location was pleasant, comfortable, peaceful, and informative.
    • I see improvement in my eye.
    • The overall process is excellent. The center is modern and clean. Appointments are on time. The nurse, Danielle, is very professional and nice.
    • I have had great progress with Tepezza. My double vission vision is gone and the eye-bulging has been reduced.
    • Great organization to deal with.
    • Changed the appt. 2 times- very inconvenient for me.
    • Impact in process but this has been a pleasant experience and improvement of my necessary treatment of my thyroid disease
    • Staff is friendly & caring. They walk you through every step of the way. When I had a hard time getting priorities Yossi communicated, worked with my insurance company & was empatheric. I am beyond gratful.
    • Beacon Infusion made my infusions relaxing and comfortable. The whole process was smooth and very easy
    • Professional techs as always. It’s such a pleasure to be treated with warm and kind people at Beacon Infusion
    • Complete 180 of my experience at HUMC. Much smoother process. No stress at all. Happy I found you! 🙂
    • The infusion center is cheerful and clean. The nurse, Stephanie, was very professional and cheerful. The overall experience was excellent. I have had infusions in the past for chemotherapy (At other locations) and this experience was 1,000 times better!
    • It’s hard enough to go through life with TED, and to go every 3 weeks for infusions. Every bit of this process is smooth & easy (as it has been) is helpful. Not to mention how helpful and quick you were to get approval when I switched insurance, so I didn’t miss a dose. Thank you.
    • When I started, I had to go to a further location (Marlton) but then after my 3rd treatment, the Hamilton center opened which is so much more convenient. Danielle (@Marlton) & Gloria (@Hamilton) are so wonderful. Genuinely caring and very skilled nurses. The needles inserted were always painless. Gloria is very skilled in starting the line with the needle.
    • The person I scheduled my appt with was very helpful in ensuring that my insurance covered my medication. She took the extra step to follow up with my insurance company. She was very responsive and ??? The nurse who gave me my injection was welcoming, comforting, and very ?????. It is a pleasure to use Beacon Infusion!
    • Manny and Diana are amazing and made my process very easy, they are the best.
    • Danielle is always so nice and friendly in addition to being a great nurse! The whole process is very easy and convenient. The atmosphere is clean and cheerful.
    • Getting started was complicated due to te rarity of the disease and a new specialty medication. Previousy I had to go to NYC Mt. Saiani (2 1/2 hr plus commute each way), the had home infusions 5/20 thru 7/20 dduring the pandemic. The pandemic also made things more difficult. We were very thankful to find Beacon (25 min commute each way) which has made the infusions much more manageable. Nursing staff has been excellent!
    • I had never been to an infusion center before being treated for my MS, but I thought it would be a lot less comfortable and I am happy to report I was wrong. Everything from the staff to the facility itself makes this process very easy and comfortable for me. After my first infusion, I had nothing to worry about by coming here; and now, I even look forward to it each month.
    • The staff at Beacon Infusion is always kind, professional, and extremely caring. They make the treatments less daunting and much more pleasant. They are amazing each and every time I come in for my treatment.
    • Today I’m receiving my second dose. I already noticed a difference in the level of pain, bulging and redness in my eyes… which is a good thing. The staff is very pleasant and made me feel comfortable. The facility is very clean.
    • Beacon Infusion has made a major impact on my life. In a time of medical crisis, struggling with graves disease the treatment I have received has made my life much better. The professionalism and level of care is outstanding. I would recommend Beacon to anyone in need of an infusion.
    • The staff has made the process so much easier since day one. The experience has been less daunting to to their caring attitude and professionalism. They’re so helpful and kind. They make you so comfortable so you are not scared. I love everyone at Beacon! I would absolutely recommend!
    • They took care of all paperwork and approval process. Called me for appointment. Process of administrative medicine was quick and painless. Answered all of my questions pertaining to injection. Scheduled second appointment within 15 mins of appointment time.

    • The staff here are amazing- They explain everything & are the 1st group that were successful in helping me get treatment. They have made a scary & demoralizing condition & progress easier to get through I am appreciative to everyone here.
    • I was dealing with another infusion company- nothing got done. They switched me to Beacon. I could not be happier. Yossi was amazing and kind, the nurses were kind and amazing. They have taken a difficult situation and made it easier and I could focus on my health and getting better. Great place.

    • The infusions changed my life! It gave me back my self-esteem, independence, and confidence. The staff at Beacon are amazing. Manny and Diana are amazing. They always make you feel comfortable and the experience is a lot less daunting because of them. They’ve become like a family to me!


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